Tapas Banerjee

18 y/o. Founder Loop. Building NeuroGen. Freshman @University of Manchester studying Economics with honors in Finance. Minor in Physics. Also, a self-taught programmer who always keeps learning. My curioisty and ambition drives me to explore different subjects and realms to find the convergence that can elevate the human race.

"Embracing simplicity in our complex world, for it is amidst the noise that the true signal of clarity and wisdom emerges." - Tapas' Lockscreen Wallpaper


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Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2023 submission on Bayes Theorem of Probability : Created an engaging and informative YouTube video explaining the concept of Bayes Theorem of Probability for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2023. Utilized creative visuals and clear explanations to make the complex concept accessible to a broader audience. Video received positive feedback from viewers and demonstrated strong communication and presentation skills.

Featured on Podcast : Discussion about Entreprenuerial ambitions, current projects, role-models, robotics and social justice campaigns

Recent Honors and Awards

Awards are like rewards that are necessary to validate your moral conciousness to enable you can stay confidently focussed on what you're building

  1. All India National Topper : This was a big achievement for me because I was severely sick during the months of the exams which meant I had to rely on whatever I had studied earlier. Also there were more than a million students that gave the exam. Learned an important lesson - incremental growth is what makes you the winner at the end of the day.It became evident to me that no matter what comes in front of me in the future, I will have the mental acuity to overcome it.
  2. 1st Prize @ Harvard Model UN : This was my 20th Model United Nations conference, and undoubtedly, the most unforgettable one. Engaging with more than 120+ delegates from countries around the world provided me with a profound understanding of the global landscape like never before. Throughout the event, I honed several essential skills, including lobbying, defending my stances, cooperation, investigation, and research.
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